Are you interested in learning pilates from a master pilates trainer?

If so, I offer customized pilates EQ X (equipment exercise) programs specializing in private, customized instruction. If you are seeking to experience pilates on state of the art equipment in an inviting atmosphere geared toward your personal needs and goals please do not hesitate to reach out and send me a message. 

My customized pilates instruction, motivation and coaching is an ideal option for anyone totally new to the genre or one who has been practicing for several years.  I personally have over 35 years experience facilitating movement and offer client-oriented pilates EQ X sessions scheduled at your preference.  My primary goal as a master trainer is to inspire and enlighten your understanding of effective pilates methods and protocols. It is my hope to facilitate and encourage a greater sense of your embodied awareness, power and agency through pilates movement practice, seeking and striving to mentor your progress and success. It is my primary aspiration to foster within all my students a greater sentiency of joy, freedom and perceived sensations of enhanced well being.


As a professional practitioner and educator I bring over 3 decades of teaching experience facilitating myriad movement forms and nurturing somatic awareness. My personal commitment is to guide my students and clientele through proper exercise form, teaching them how to observe correct body mechanics and engage dynamic movement alignments that lead to progress, allowing focused participants to fully embody their movement potential and create a better quality of embodied life for themselves.


Whether you are an athlete, dancer, weekend warrior or couch potato I can design a program to meet your unique needs and aspirations. I believe we must seize the day everyday and there is absolutely, no better time than the present to get started learning and practicing pilates.

Snake and Twist performed on the reformer by an experienced pilates practitioner

I believe engaging in pilates practice is all about learning to perform our best at all times no matter what we are doing. As a pilates practitioner and master teacher I am dedicated to making that happen. … Read More

Woman doing pilates rowing front on a reformer.

My mission is to provide the best pilates methods and educational services, precise protocols and diverse instructional techniques to inspire the whole community, offering experiential learning and motivational … Read More

Pilates Theory and Practice

Throughout my career I have been fortunate to mentor both professional dancers and athletes, as well as aspiring neophytes encouraging them on their journeys to discover their full potential as they embody their best effort … Read More




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  • I offer customized pilates programs
  • Workouts geared toward overall fitness and well being
  • Workouts geared toward specific athletic objectives
  • Exercise protocols designed to address specific health conditions: osteoporosis, arthritis, scoliosis, M.S, M.D., hip, knee or back conditions
  • Pilates conditioning for post joint replacement, physical therapy, and or injury rehabilitation

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"I was a pilates client of Maureen for 2 years. I took mat classes, trios and privates from two to three times per week. She was integral to building my strength, balance and overall fitness. I saw a measurable difference in how my body felt and looked. Working with Maureen was both fun and challenging. She constantly pushed me to stretch my limits. She is very knowledgeable on all the apparatus, including chair, reformer, and Cadillac. I highly recommend Maureen, she is easy to talk to, provides great instruction and information and ensures you get the workout that you are looking for. The only reason I no longer take pilates from Maureen is that I relocated from Texas to Wisconsin."
Syndi Stark
"Maureen was my pilates guru for over 6 years. She has such a wealth of knowledge about the body and healthy movement. I started taking pilates mostly to help my strength and technique as a ballet dancer, and Maureen helped me tremendously! With her years of dance experience, she was able to notice mistakes in my technique that were causing me pain and potential injuries, and she gave me the proper instruction to correct them. She gave me personal instruction and workouts designed for my unique body, and most of all she is just a joy to spend time with! Maureen became not only a wonderful instructor, but a good friend as well!"
Naomi Schiller