Pilates is all about learning and practicing pilates exercises to perform our best at all times no matter what we are doing. As a pilates practitioners and master teacher  I am dedicated to making that happen. An avid fitness enthusiast and somatic longevity coach, I welcome the opportunity to introduce the pilates unique conditioning method to new comers and I strive to inspire and challenge more seasoned aficionados of the practice.

A former dancer and accredited choreographer, I have been teaching somatic awareness through myriad movement modalities for over 30 years. I know bodies and how they are supposed to move. I can easily perceive when bodies are misaligned and or have muscular imbalances that may lead to harm. I am currently very excited to be able to introduce the pilates method to new students at this time.

An academically educated dancer with a Master’s Degree in Choreography and Somatic Studies, I design intuitive logical workouts that flow fluidly from one exercise to another. I seek to make exercise fresh and exciting with logical, progressive workouts and seamless transitions. When creating a sequence or progression of exercises I take into consideration not only the optimal flow of synergistic movements but the precise purpose and somatic objectives of each exercise. Then, as each sequence is performed, when need be, I cue and guide the mover toward fluid biomechanics, proper posture and dynamic body alignments.  I coach all my clientele toward their best proprioceptive engagement attending to correct form and optimal kinesthetic parameters when executing and practicing the precise elements of the method.

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