Syndi Stark

“I was a pilates client of Maureen for 2 years. I took classes, trios and privates from 2 to 3 times/week. She was integral to building my strength, balance and overall fitness. I saw a measurable difference in how my body felt and looked. Working with Maureen was fun and challenging. She constantly pushed me to stretch my limits. She is knowledgeable on all the apparatus, including chair, reformer, and Cadillac. I highly recommend Maureen, she is easy to talk to, provides great instruction and information and ensures you get the workout that you are looking for. The only reason I no longer take pilates from Maureen is that I relocated from Texas to Wisconsin.”

Naomi Shiller

“Maureen was my pilates guru for over 6 years. She has such a wealth of knowledge about the body and healthy movement. I started taking pilates mostly to help my strength and technique as a ballet dancer, and Maureen helped me tremendously! With her years of dance experience, she was able to notice mistakes in my technique that were causing me pain and potential injuries, and she gave me the proper instruction to correct them. She gave me personal instruction and workouts designed for my unique body, and most of all she is just a joy to spend time with! Maureen became not only a wonderful instructor, but a good friend as well!”

Daya Whitman

“Maureen is an amazing instructor and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to pilates. I had surgery and a back injury and Maureen transformed me within a couple of months; the best therapy I could have done! I no longer need to see the chiropractor once a week. My core strength improved so much. Maureen pushes and motivates you but is very careful about different injuries and issues that her clients may have. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Jana Harrison

“Maureen has been my pilates trainer for over a decade. She is a great pilates instructor and fitness coach. I greatly respect her knowledge and inspiration. She has challenged me to get in the best shape of my life. I would highly encourage anyone looking for a fitness coach and pilates instructor to meet Maureen and get started on your journey.”

Lea Newman

“Maureen works carefully with existing body issues to strengthen and overcome ailments. She is patient and moves you forward at a pace you can handle. I enjoy working with her. My experience has been exceptional. She was very careful to assess my abilities and strengthen my weaknesses. I have much improved. Maureen is pleasant and fun during our sessions.”

Jane Anne Shields

“Maureen has been my pilates teacher for three years. She has helped me to become stronger which helps with not gaining weight. One of the best things she does as a teacher is that she can teach the beginners and very advance students in the same class and she always listens to each person addressing whatever need each person has.”

Karen Shields

“Maureen is a very qualified and compassionate pilates teacher. I have been taking her mat Pilates class for over three years now and equipment sessions for over two years. I am addicted to the strength and feeling of well being that this exercise gives me. I am over sixty years old and truly feel forty!  Thanks so much Maureen”

Sharon Carlson Moody

“Maureen is a great instructor! She provides an excellent, varied workout that challenges you to push yourself. She is very engaged in the class and ensures that every person is completing the exercises correctly. She helps you adjust your positioning and engagement if you have trouble with a particular exercise.”

Susan Lorimer

“Maureen is an excellent Pilates coach. I have been doing privates with Maureen for over five years. Maureen is extremely knowledgable and very creative. She will teach you the proper form, push you to improve, and you will have a lot of fun doing it.  I would highly recommend her if you are looking to learn pilates and practice properly.”

Susie Juneau

“Maureen is very committed and devoted to her passion of teaching and training! I have been taking reformer classes with her for the past year. She has a great outlook and is very respectful of others.”