Pilates at Austin Ranch is all about learning and practicing to perform our best at all times in whatever we choose to do. As a pilates practitioners and master teacher at Austin Ranch I am dedicated to making that happen.

As an avid fitness enthusiast and, somatic longevity coach, I welcome the opportunity to introduce the pilates unique conditioning method to new comers and I strive to inspire and challenge more seasoned aficionados of the practice. A former dancer and accredited choreographer, I have been teaching somatic awareness through myriad movement modalities for over 30 years. I am very grateful to be a part of the pilates community today and I am excited to work with new students at this time.


I am professionally committed to joyfully facilitate your pilates journey at Pilates Austin Ranch. Throughout my career I have been fortunate to mentor both professional dancers and athletes, as well as aspiring neophytes encouraging them on their journeys to discover their full potential as they embody their best effort and strive toward their peak performance goals. I have experience coaching skaters and  gymnasts as well as weekend warriors and people living with health conditions that include arthritis, osteoporosis, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, M.S. and M.D., so I do recognize the many vital talents and diverse challenges that make up the natural abilities individuals possess including the many personal goals and aspirations they bring to the studio.

An academically educated dancer with a Master’s Degree in Choreography and Somatic Studies, I design intuitive workouts that flow logically, fluidly from one exercise to another. I seek to make exercise fresh and exciting offering challenging, progressive workouts with wee seamless transitions.

When creating a sequence or progression of exercises I take into consideration not only the optimal flow of synergistic movements but the precise purpose and somatic objectives of each exercise. Then, as each sequence is performed, if need be, I guide the mover toward proper biomechanics, fluid posture and dynamic body alignments.  I coaches the mover toward their best proprioceptive engagement attending to optimal kinesthetic parameters when executing and practicing the precise elements of the form.


At the Pilates Austin Ranch Studio Maureen continues to explore and share her pedagogy, one that integrates theory with practice. Theory without practice is meaningless, however, practice founded on enlightened theory is technically more effective and far more efficient. Working intelligently will likely lead to the reward of positive results, enabling one to reap the fruits of one’s labor and the full benefits of one’s concentrated efforts.

Maureen’s pilates practice and pedagogy is founded on both movement principles and her philosophy of wellness, grounded in the belief that studying some form of somatic movement practice like pilates is the essence of a healthy lifestyle, instrumental to sensations of well being and happiness. Maureen strives to teach the joy of movement through pilates methods as well as other experiential forms not only to nurture supple fit bodies, but, to instill a sentiency of freedom, longevity and intuitive awareness.


Decades of embodied somatic awareness follow Maureen into the Pilates Austin Ranch Studio.  Experiential knowing obtained through traditional dance techniques as well as myriad somatic modalities such as those initiated by exceptional masters including F. Matthias Alexander, Moshe Feldenkrais, Irmgard Bartenieff, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Mary Whitehouse inform Maureen’s deep understanding of the living, breathing, moving Self and the essential somatic underpinnings of pilates practice.  Maureen has earned certifications in Laban movement analysis as well as various fitness formats including yoga and pilates. She has been certified through Idea, AFAA, ACE, Cooper, YogaFit and PhysicalMind Institute.

Our approach at the Pilates Austin Ranch Studio advocates moving with focus and intention to facilitate empowering experiences of embodiment that are intrinsically rewarding, explicitly engaging, both energizing and uplifting, rejuvenating to the whole person and vital Self.  As movement facilitators and somatic coaches we espouse a mission to mentor others yet we aspire to do more than just facilitate exercise. To elucidate, Maureen explains, “it is my aspiration to inspire my students not only toward the beautiful quintessential body they long to be, but more importantly, to encourage them to seek and appreciate the deeper meaning of a life moved by a holistic practice of movement agency and somatic awareness, one that will encourage and support healthy lifestyle choices, dedicated to right action and reflective insight, conducive to everyday happiness and greater overall personal fulfillment.”


If you have an interest in learning pilates at the Austin Ranch Pilates Studio please do not hesitate to inquire. Bring a friend and receive a discount on your introductory package.

Call or Text Maureen Now at (469) 939 6363

“In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see a difference, in 30 sessions you will have a brand new body.”

Joseph H. Pilates  (1881 – 1967)

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