The Principle of Concentration


Pilates is a purposeful practice that develops kinesthetic skill and awareness through concentration and disciplined action.  The method requires focus and attention toward sentient and perceptual details to make that happen.  Meticulous attention, assiduous action and concentrated awareness begins with close contemplation of the breath that inspires life.

Breathing fully and deeply with conscious effort leads to enhanced centering, core engagement and movement control.  Stronger core activations and integrations of specific qualities of movement facilitate better exercise performance and efficiency with a deeper connection of interconnected physiological and metaphysical elements.  With practice greater proficiency, control, precision and spontaneous flow are achieved. With improved kinesthesia, coordination, and dexterity skilled agile execution leads to a mindful concentration of holistic empowerment.


The conscientious application process is one of focused attention, intensified action and reflexive contemplation.  It is a holistic pursuit of total engagement that improves with time, intention and concerted effort.  The comprehensive pilates method, learning the essential details and particular movements of the practice is a cumulative process that spirals inward and outward to build upon itself growing both broader and deeper simultaneously, becoming clearer more perfect with experience.  It begins with a desire, respect and caring attitude toward the vital movements and living potential of the body and ends with a unified harmony commingling an integration of all the interwoven mechanisms of the Self; body, mind, heart and soul.


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